Our Style

Relaxed, comfortable, no pressure

At Diamonds Rock we believe purchasing a piece of jewelry should be a very enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding experience. With our no-commission approach, we do not believe in pressuring someone into purchasing a piece of jewelry just because they walked into our doors. We would rather educate our customer’s and show them why we are the best place to shop so they can compare and invest with confidence.

Because of our transparency, our customer’s trust their decisions and come back again and again. They become part of our family and are treated as so every time they step into our facility. Whether it is for a cleaning/repair, a purchase, or just to stop in to say hi… we will always treat our customers with respect and kindness.

Our Lounge

Nothing speaks to comfort like the warmth of the fireplace in our lounge, a marque example of the relaxed atmosphere you will experience in our showroom. It is a place where our customers can grab a beverage/ coffee, browse our collections or conceive new creations. It provides an exclusive “membership-like” environment where you can relax while a piece of jewelry is getting serviced. As an approachable alternative to the mall experience, we continue to do everything we can to make you feel like you’re at home, an inviting place where you are always welcome.