Our Process: A Step-By-Step Guide from Custom Jewelry Designers

Our Process: A Step-By-Step Guide from Custom Jewelry Designers

Finding the perfect gift is probably one of the most simple (but also most overwhelming) tasks you’ll give yourself over the course of your relationship. Why? It’s all about touching the perfect sentiment, remaining within your budget, and still getting all the details just right to take their breath away.

Whether your love prefers the latest and greatest trends, or truly unique (off-the-beaten-path) pieces, finding the perfect gift will always come back to how much it fits their personal style preference.

The Custom Design Process at Diamonds Rock

Hearing the word “custom” may or may not be a source of immediate stress for some. It could make you feel anything ranging from “I have no idea what to do,” and, “I should have done this years ago.” The cause of this is inconsistency: some storefronts will charge you more for your custom jewelry because of x, y, and z. But, that’s not how we roll.

At Diamonds Rock, we’ve structured our custom jewelry process to be sure that you, the customer, is taken care of at every turn.  No matter what you’re looking for, this step-by-step guide to our custom jewelry process will give you a thorough introduction to how we tackle every project big or small.

choosing your diamonds

Step One: Exploring Your Ideas

Inspiration can come from any resource available to you: a rough sketch, an image, pieces of our inventory, your broken jewelry, your own stones, social media, your favorite movie, your favorite shows, your friends, etc.  The list can go on forever, but no matter if you have a collection of photos to show to us to create a new piece from certain elements…or if you just have no idea where to begin (but know the styles you don’t want to see in the new piece)—we will walk through your options to get a good idea of how the piece will turn out. A few of our focus points will be:

  • Metals
  • Diamond Qualities
  • Gemstones
  • Accents
  • Hand Engravings

Our biggest goal is to find an intimate understanding of your custom piece and be sure that we are all on the same page for your vision.

Step Two: Cost Estimate and Time-frame

Once your design concept is reviewed and finalized, we create a cost estimate and timeline for the production of your custom designed jewelry. This step can typically be done the same day you visit us to go through your initial design options. We prefer to provide you the cost estimate and timeline upfront to be sure that we can adjust things for your budget, or adjust the timeline to be completed before the estimated day. The final cost will never exceed that estimate (unless changes are done to the design), so there are never any surprises.

Step Three: CAD- Computer Aided Design

To get a better visual of your design, we create a virtual model of the piece in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program. This method allows you and our designers to make design adjustments on the fly in a virtual environment, giving you the bandwidth to not only finalize your design sooner but be able to better envision your changes and make decisions with confidence.

After we have an approved CAD version of your design, we take things a step further and create a series of photo-realistic images of your design for your review. We take this extra step in approvals because we believe it’s important for you to see a realistic image because we want to be sure you can see this piece in real life and still be absolutely in love with it.

If you see the realistic images and have more design adjustments for us to make, we will make all design changes before production begins at no extra cost to you.

Step Four: Your Porotype

Next, we take the realism a step further and bring your approved design to live via an exact, real-life prototype of your custom design.  This is done on our 3D wax printer we have in house. This step is crucial to get the feel of your design: how does it look, are the dimensions right? Approval of your prototype is the final step of the process before the real fun begins.

Step Five: Production

At Diamonds Rock, we are jewelry designers and manufacturers. Our dual capability allows us to ensure without a doubt that every final piece is aligned with the original vision. When we’re ready to begin production, we send the wax prototype to castings. Our craftsmen work side-by-side with you and our design staff, allowing us to fully integrate the design into the manufacturing of the final piece.

Step Six: Final Quality Checks

Quality is the focus of Diamonds Rock. From beginning to end, we ensure that the quality of the materials, the services and the overall finished design is exactly what you’ve envisioned (if not more).

All throughout the design process, we take every project through a set of quality control points to be sure that you receive the best product we can possibly give you based on your budget. But before your piece is ready for pickup we run it through our quality checks a final time to be sure that no detail was missed.

Let’s Talk Custom at Diamonds Rock

At Diamonds Rock, we strive to provide more than just beautiful jewelry. We hope that with each custom piece we create, that we forge friendships with our work—that you leave our store happier and more satisfied than you were before. To us, our customers are like our friends: to be treated with respect, honesty and sometimes a little bit of light hearted conversation. We love to create jewelry that shines, but we are most interested in creating those moments that will take your breath away.

If you’re considering designing your first (or fifth) custom design piece, we do everything we can to ensure that you end up with exactly the jewelry you’ve been dreaming of and memories that will last a lifetime. We take the time to understand your taste and tolerances, even when you might not know exactly where to begin. Together we then bring your vision to life by listening to your ideas, taking your feedback in high regard, and creating timeless jewelry that captures emotions and feelings

Custom Design can be overwhelming. But we do our best to be someone you can count on. Not only do the job, but do it well and right and to your preferences.

If you’re ready to start the conversation, come visit us in store or send an email to our sales department. Our team can’t wait to meet you.