Wish List

Always Get Your Perfect Piece

At Diamonds Rock we firmly believe that buying a piece of jewelry shouldn't be a stressful experience. Instead we believe in giving you a more relaxed, enjoyable - and ultimately - rewarding jewelry buying experience. That's why we are introducing a great new program we're calling "Wish List" and we think you're going to love it. It works like this:

Any time you come in to Diamonds Rock to browse for a certain piece of jewelry you can put your favorite pieces onto your own personal "Wish List". You can then provide us with contact details of the person who will ultimately be buying the piece of jewelry - such as the groom or bride to be. We'll let your significant other know that you have added items to your Wish List. When they come and buy one of the items on your list we'll take a full 10% off of the entire purchase!

We know that it can sometimes be nerve wracking when picking out jewelry because you may not know exactly what your partner might want. With Wish List, both parties can rest easy knowing that they are buying the perfect piece of jewelry every time.

Wish List is available for any item or custom piece at Diamonds Rock excluding loose diamonds. We also accept payment over the phone and you also always receive our full Lifetime Warranty and Lifetime Buyback Guarantee with all purchases made with us.

You can learn more about the Wish List program by contacting us directly here.